About us

Molise is a dream for me. It is a myth handed down by the fathers and left in my blood and in my imagination

Francesco Jovine

The love for travel, as an authentic experience to live, led us to give birth to this project with the aim of discovering the beauties of our still unknown land: Molise.

The idea is born from the desire to create highly customized and specialized tourist accommodation solutions offering unusual, unique travel experiences; revealing the authenticity of these unknown places, the genuineness of its flavours and the typicality of the traditions; and preserving their identity.feelitaly

Customized Travel

Our tours and experiences are tailored to your interests, your time and your budget: they are as unique as you are.
What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?

Pack all the activities you want to try, or include some relaxation and free time to explore… as you like it!
Design your trip exactly as you prefer.
We will prepare an itinerary that meets your needs.

Authentic experience

Authenticity does not only refer to genuineness or tradition, but it is a feeling that concerns the soul, it goes deeper. The sense of wonder of the different places and lifestyles is the essential emotion of the journey and is the starting point to experience authenticity.

Local guides

Thanks to our expert local guides you will feel part of the community, you will have access to many hidden places but above all you will be able to experience that sense of familiarity that characterizes our travels and you will not have the feeling of being a tourist.

Responsible tourism

Our vision is to develop and promote authentic and unique travel experiences that offer the maximum benefit to all, protecting the cultural identity of places and people and minimizing our environmental impact.

Dedicated assistance

We will help you with important details to improve your journey, such as insurance and the necessary documentation. And we are available 24/24 h .

About us