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Discover your family history through historical records. Explore the land of your ancestors

Discover your family heritage

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Have you ever wondered to travel back to your roots and explore the land of your ancestors?

Every single grandchild of an Italian immigrant  grew up listening to nonno and nonna’s story about their homeland,  traditions, sounds, flavours, fragrance and emotions.

Imagine walking in the same street they used to , imagine to live the same exact emotion they used to.

You can do all of this and more, with us!

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Family Tour

Private Family Tour. We provide a unique, tailor made travel experience for who is curious, determined enough to explore and know their family roots. We will guide you through your ancestors village, if we are lucky we can show you the remainings of home. It will be an unforgettable experience, trust us you won’t leave Molise.

Genealogy Researches and Family Tree

Have you ever wondered who are your italian relatives and where were they from? Our team is ready to give you full service related to genealogy, regardless of the type of service, all of our researches will be expertly conducted and fully sourced with only the most reputable records, with a focus on primary and original documents.

Understanding your background can help you make sense of who you are today. We’ll ask you to provide us with any sort of infomration about their ancestors: documents, pictures, stories, we’ll do the rest and our best!

Lost Relatives Research

One of our goal is to find your lost relatives. Imagine having a relative you didn’t know the existence. How magical, exciting would it be to meet them.